Tuk tuks are one of the most fun ways

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Pranathi Ram, StudentGondola; Venice: No one can go to Venice and not go on a gondola ride! The place really is as pretty as the pictures. I went with a group of friends, so the bigger tuk tuks could comfortably accommodate five of us. We used them to go from one part of Krabi, to this island called Phi Phi. Without knowing where to go or what to do, I hailed a horse carriage to take me from the Forever 21 showroom to Rockefeller Centre. They are large and spacious compared to the autos in India.

The rides started off from the plains and as we travelled higher, we spotted white blankets of snow amidst tall trees. Turns out that sledging can be a terrifying experience — sliding down a steep hill on a wafer-like plank of wood, right after steaming lawn mower throttle cable hot chocolate was served in the bar atop the hill, was something I’ll never forget! Snow hitting your face from all directions, collision with fellow-sledges on the path, high-speed curves and hairpin turns on which you can do nothing but fly in the air — it was exhilarating!Swetha K, Associate Partner at a Firmend-of. And was Venice romantic Absolutely yes, but not for someone travelling with a family of 12 though!Aishwarya Kaplathi, StudentSleds; Austria: I went night sledging on a three-mile long trail in a tiny ski town in Austria called Kitzbuhel.

Tuk tuks are one of the most fun ways to travel around Thailand. They’re also painted colourfully and each has its own look and feel — quite retro actually. In fact, all the locals ride these boats and it is the only mode of transport you’ll get late in the night. It was the cheapest mode of transport I could find — and a very unique experience! I did feel a little odd initially, but also felt a sense of freedom to be travelling in the open, unlike inside a car or bus. It was lovely.

They are large and spacious compared to the autos in India. For some, it was a bit scary but definitely worth the view — for as you get higher, it turns completely white with snow everywhere!Mohamed Anaikar, DesignerLongtail boats; Krabi: The boats are really long and narrow, and have red tassels tied at one end. Lado Gomathi, EntrepreneurAerial tram (cable cars); Switzerland: I’m lucky enough to have visited Switzerland twice, and how could one miss out the cable car ride That’s the highlight of Switzerland, giving you an out-of-the-world experience.| ARPITHA RAO Published: Mar 11, 2016, 11:21 pm IST Updated: Mar 11, 2016, 11:21 pm IST Tuk tuks; Thailand: Tuk tuks are one of the most fun ways to travel around Thailand. The ride takes you through the quintessentially Venice streets submerged in water! I even remember seeing someone get off a boat to go into a boutique. I felt like a bird flying atop the snow-clad mountains. The boatman also sang for us. It is the cheapest and fastest way to travel in Thailand, especially in the night when transport is more difficult to come across. It was a lot of fun!Nitasha Shridhar, ConsultantHorse carriages; New York: I was in Times Square and got lost

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